CFAUC No.1 member Karen Busalla’s Baptism

Baptism is an important event for the believer’s walk with Jesus Christ. As a believer of Jesus Christ, Karen Busalla member of CFAUC No.1 decided to get baptized on her 23rd birthday December 10, 2016.

Pastor Malaquias Galing performed the water immersion baptism for her beloved member Karen Busalla symbolization of her regeneration, public confession of her faith and her admission of being devoted to serve her Church, Christian Fellowship African Universal Church No.1.

Photos During the Baptism

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CFAUC No.1 members and Karen Busalla’s Family show their support for Karen and have double celebration for her birthday and baptism. She and her family did their best and with God’s blessing prepare foods for the simple celebration.

More Photos of the Celebration…

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Busalla Family has been very happy and thankful for all God’s blessings come to their life despite of the obstacle they encounter past year.

They are always very thankful to their mother church of CFAUC No.1 the Tabernacle African Universal Church, Inc. , their brothers and sisters in Christ at  Jacksonville, FL  for all the help, support and powerful prayers for their churches here in Philippines. And to their loving Pastor Galing and family for always being there for the whole CFAUC No.1 members for good times and bad times and continue spreading and teaching the powerful Word’s of God in the bible.

May God Bless Us All Always!


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