CFAUC No.1 2017 Thanksgiving Day


Despite of the typhoon Vinta strikes Tagum City Davao del Norte Philippines where Christian Fellowship African Universal Church located, Pastor Malaquias Galing and the members manage to celebrate their annual Thanksgiving Day December 24, 2017. The typhoon didn’t stop the CFAUC No.1 family to celebrate, give thanks, worship and glorify our Almighty Father God for the whole year blessings that they have receive and even for the struggles this year that made their faith more stronger.

The Thanksgiving celebration theme in Psalm 69:30 – I will praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving. CFAUC No.1 family together with the friends, family and visitors gave their all energy to dance with joy and celebration, praise God’s name in song and bring back the honor and glory in Him.

CFAUC No.1 member Karen Busalla opens up the the program with a heart warming greeting for everybody and followed by an opening and powerful Prayer lead by CFAUC No.1 Pastor, Pastor Malaquias Galing. Then praise and worship was lead by Renren Ponce one of young people visitor.

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Praise and Worship 

After the praises and worships selected CFAUC No.1 youth member offers a special number and shared their talents.


CFAUC No.1 invited guest speaker Pastor for the celebration, Pastor Galing introduced the Guest Speaker Pastor Michael Ponce.

All of the members, visitors, families and friend were been blessed with the Word’s of God that Pastor Michael shared in his preaching. After praising, worshiping, and listening to the Word’s of God everybody shared a yummy lunch.


When everybody were done eating lunch, members Karen Busalla and Delmar Galing gathered all the youth members and visitors.  They prepared parlor games to entertain the youth. Bible Scrabble and Bible Message Relay.

Everybody enjoys the Thanksgiving Celebration even it’s pouring rain that day CFAUC No.1 family did everything to have a good and comfortable accommodation. Everybody were thankful first and foremost to our Father God and his son Jesus Christ for the successful event and to our Mother Church in Florida Tabernacle African Universal Church for helping us make this Thanksgiving Celebration happen.

To our Brother’s and Sister’s in Tabernacle African Universal Church we in CFAUC No.1 are always grateful to have a church family like you. Thank you very much for all your prayers, help and support. To God be the glory!

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